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I have placed several examples of my photographs online. These are necessarily small and low-res to fit on the Web. If you would like a higher-resolution picture or a print, please contact me at .

For the bigger picture, check out my rotating pictures page, or have a look at some shots from Marshall Mesa.

Applegarth Books

Web Design

I created and maintain the Web site for Applegarth Books,, an up-and-coming used books store in Millington, Tennessee. Have a look, and stop by if you're in the neighborhood!


apple for the teacher

My Writing

When I was teaching at Front Range Community College, I developed a few essays as examples for my students. Here's a PDF of an article I wrote about my grandmother and her Trek with Tenzing Norgay in Bhutan back in 1975.

I'm on facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — and if that's not enough, I just started a blog: Dragonfly Wars. Have a look, and feel free to comment!

"There is no greater agony than bearing
an untold story inside you."
— Maya Angelou


February GSA Today cover
The Feb. 2008 GSA Today is one of GSA's most-read issues.


I've been managing editor of GSA Today, the Geological Society of America's member news and science magazine, since 2005. Along with that, I am managing editor of our e-news magazine, GSA Connection, as well as backup to our Webmaster and lead social media semi-expert. We are on facebook and Twitter). It's a great time of growing and stretching my skills.


me and Bear
Bear and Kea Giles.

me and Buddy
Buddy and me.

Blue Aroo
Blue Aroo!

Home News

Bear and I got married in Vancouver, British Columbia, on 25 June 2010. A few days in Vancouver were followed by a cruise on board the MS Statendam up the Inside Passage to Alaska.

Buddy, a 10-yr-old golden retriever, who was with me since he was a puppy, died on 11 June 2010. He used to work as a therapy dog at Boulder Community Hospital here in Boulder. Buddy was my best friend. Read more about him in my blog post: "Memorial to Buddy, a Good Dog."

A week after Bear's chow-chow mix died (26 May 2009; he was 16), we adopted Blue Aroo, a now-12-yr-old husky mix, from the MaxFund shelter in Denver. He's a great dog and a great addition to the household. Read more about Blue on my blog post "Who is Blue Aroo?"

For more news, see my 2010, 2009, and 2008 New Year's Letters.

"If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, then at least do them no harm."DALAI LAMA


  Photo ©2009 by K.E. Asmus.